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We are pleased to present to you our 2019/2020 venue and rate schedule. At Angelfields, we conduct simultaneous events in our 10-hectare estate. We currently have three event venues. All of our three venues are designed with indoor structures connected to their own dedicated large open green spaces. Two of our indoor event spaces are located at the Holy Family Pavilion.

The Holy family Pavilion design is inspired by the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary & Joseph and they are represented through 3 structures which overlap and interconnect to each other. The total combined length of the Holy Family Pavilion is 100 meters long. the roof of the Holy Family pavilion is longer than the largest passenger or military aircraft.

Indoor Venues





Holy Family Pavilion
Aqua | Vino | Magnificat
Garden Venue
The Sanctuary
Sanctuary Garden | Cucina Bernardo

FWP = AenV
Aqua and Vino Venue

Just like the embrace of a mother’s arms, be welcomed as you walk down Mary’s gentle, caressing and comforting ramp.  Floating along her stone walls are verses that inspired the creation of the Holy Family Pavilion.  At the bottom of the ramp a pair of cathedral type doors opens into Vino.  The magnificent Holy Family Garden invites you to step out into her garden.

FWP = Magnificat
Magnificat Venue

We bring you the feel the woodlands inside our biggest hall, the Magnificat. Designed to hold guests from 150 to 400, Magnificat is the best venue for all the types of big celebrations.


This grand hall is consisting of a veranda which opens a view of the beauty of the Tagaytay mountains.


It also has a mezzanine and built with a state-of-the-art light and sounds and has sound proof walls.


Every inch of its walls and roofs are filled with different types of woods establishing a relaxed and beautiful ambiance. With its high ceiling and unique architecture design surely, this is the best place to celebrate!

Sanctuary Garden Venue

From grey to green, take a break from the city and rekindle with nature’s privacy here in Sanctuary Garden.


Satisfy yourself with the comfort of the soft breeze and perfect greenery view of the tall bamboos and trees.


The Sanctuary has always been a home to the growing number of its fine residents, the Wood Pecker, King Fisher and various species of birds. The sight at night is always worth the wait when you finally see the fireflies light up the place.


Not only friends of all ages are welcome to enjoy the Sanctuary but also the man’s best friend who always love to roll over the grass.


You can enjoy a casual dining experience in our Al Fresco Garden under the shade of Gallivant’s Tree or take a simple walk on the lawn.


Enjoy the Sanctuary’s privacy and make boundless memories.

Venue Rental
Aqua en Vino | Magnificat | Sanctuary Garden
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