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Angelfields celebrates 10 Years of;

“Creating Lasting Memories"

*** Prices are subject to 10% S.C. & 12% VAT

MAGNIFICAT is our grand ballroom.  With a floor area of 760 m2 at the main level and another 240 m2 at the mezzanine level. The interior is wrapped and hand detailed in old recycled wood.  The peak ceiling height at the apex measures 14 meters tall.   


MAGNIFICAT has its own pre-event hall to welcome your guests. When the grand ballroom is not used for an event our Cafe Bernardo is open to the public and operates as our cafe/bistro.


You have 2 Options to choose from:


  1. Book Magnificat and its adjacent areas (pre-event hall & Mary’s garden as a venue rental only.

  2. Book Magnificat with our in-house Cucina Bernardo as your food provider for your event. This includes the use of our tables & chairs for the banquet, Food & service, basic lights & sounds & the use of the venue.


What are the inclusions when you book Magnificat?


1.0  Five (5) Hours use of the following venue’s/halls/gardens for a consolidated maximum of 5 hours from the time guests arrive.  

1.1  The pre-event hall where we operate Cafe Bernardo has an air-conditioned indoor seating capacity of 40-50 pax.  We highly recommend this indoor section for the elderly or VIP guests.  Adjacent to the indoor section is a Veranda / Porch with its own private garden.   


The veranda can accommodate a cocktail capacity of 70 - 100 pax.  The adjacent garden (Mary’s Garden) comes with the complimentary use of our In-House tent (high-peak/pagoda type tent) measuring 30 x 30 feet.  Mary’s garden comes complete with our garden lights set-up (capiz & string light combination).


Our cafe is styled with its own unique furniture and seating arrangement, as such, you have complimentary use of our in-house furniture and accessories at the Cafe.  Please take note that we do not allow a stylist to alter the furniture and lay-out of our Cafe Bernardo.  The addition of flower arrangements on tables as accent pieces is possible at your expense. 

1.2  If a garden ceremony is required Mary’s garden is the venue of choice.  The PA system, chairs, and other items required for a ceremony in the garden is not part of the inclusions.  You will need to hire a stylist who will set-up the chairs and accessories.


1.3  Magnificat is our main ballroom where the reception & banquet will be held.  The maximum seating capacity is 450 pax.  Our in-house package includes the choice of wooden tables for VIP guests & Lifetime round tables with linen.  We have a limited number of fully upholstered chairs for VIP guests and tiffany chairs for the round tables.  We provide an in-house backdrop with furniture pieces to match your backdrop.   


1.4  When you book our complete in-house package; Our buffet & service package comes with complimentary bar service, servers & main stay’s and our kitchen staff that prepares your food.  We do not charge a corkage for alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.  A complimentary bottle of white wine is provided for the couple’s toasting.  Complimentary food tasting if you book the package, otherwise a fee is charged for the food tasting.


1.5  Free parking space for all guests.


2.0  If you choose to book our in-house “Cucina Bernardo” to prepare your food at our premises, we present our CLASSIC BUFFET.


2.1  COCKTAIL HOUR.  Choose any of the (3) Three;

a.  Bacon wrapped potato with sour cream

b.  Chicken Kebab with yogurt dressing.

c.  Spinach & Cream Cheese

d.  Tomato mozzarella skewers

e.  Smoked salmon gravlax

f.   Mini Margarita Pizza

g.  Smoked Tinapa Crostini


*** Additional ADD-ON’s if you wish. (THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL FEE)


b.  Charcoal grilled mini pork BBQ (live cooking)


2.2  Buffet Spread

2.2.1  SALAD (CHOOSE 1)

a.  Angelfields Salad.  Our top choice @ Cucina Bernardo.  Fresh greens, green mango, tomatoes, red onions, crispy danggit bits and guava dressing.


b.  Caesar Salad.  Salad of romaine lettuce tossed in dressing topped with croutons.


c.  Italian Herb Salad.  Salad of romaine lettuce tossed in dressing topped with croutons.


2.2.2  SOUP (CHOOSE 1)

a.  Beef Marrow Soup.  Beef & aromatic vegetables in simmered broth.

b.  Pumpkin Oregano Soup.  Oven roasted pumpkin soup with fresh homegrown Oregano.


2.2.3  PASTA (CHOOSE 1)

a.  Smoked Milkfish Puttanesca.  Filipino Smoked fish flavored tomato sauce.

b.  Pasta Al Funghi.  Fresh button mushroom cream sauce with crispy bacon.

c.  Seafood Aligue.  Crab fat, shrimp & mussel cream sauce.



a.  Tuna Ala Pobre. Sashimi grade tuna slices, crispy garlic with green olive-butter sauce.

b.  Tuna Salpicao.  Sashimi grade tuna chunks, seasoned with calamansi, seasoned with sauces.

c.  Grilled Salmon.



a.  Rosemary Chicken.  Chicken fillets marinated in rosemary, grilled and topped with brown sauce.

b.  Lemongrass Annatto Chicken.  Grilled chicken fillet, marinated in lemongrass and spices.



a.  Angus Beef Salpicao.  Cubes of beef tenderloin done Cucina Bernardo way.

b.  Braised Beef Belly.  Strips of tender US Angus Beef short plate served with rosemary sauce.



a.  Baked Farm Vegetables.  Classic filipino vegetables topped with kaesong put and baked.

b.  Steamed Root Vegetables.  Sweet Japanese corn, zucchini, carrots and sayote finished with butter.


2.2.8  Rice Dish

a.  Steamed Rice

b.  Parsley Rice


2.2.9  Dessert (Choose 2)

a.  Cheesecake

b.  Dark Chocolate Mousse

c.  Creme Brûlée

d.  Fresh Fruits

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